How To Download Our Printables

Below is this most common path of instantly downloading our printables. 


To view your files:

All files are sent in PDF format. Most computers have Adobe Reader already installed or a built in PDF reader as a part of the Windows suite.  In most cases, you will have the ability to view and print the PDF files already.

If you click on the link and are unable to view the PDF then you will need to download a PDF viewer.  Adobe Reader is the most trusted, commercially available product and it's free to download. You can download it here.

Can't seem to find your files?

Go to "my computer" in your file explorer.  Look for the "downloads" file.  Almost all downloads you ever make are saved to this folder.  Another option is to use the search bar and use the file name of your printable to find your file on your computer.

*Please take a moment to note that some mobile devices such as iphones, android phones and ipads may take issue with downloads from a link.  You may have to go to a desktop computer to download and print your printables.